The Venice Biennale is the grandest art exhibition in the world, and even though it has had its ups and downs, its importance hasn’t been shaken. In the era of post-globalization, the role of the art is again highlighted. The Finnish pavilion and others raise important and serious questions about the challenges of modern times – and uses humor to address them. (Continues…)

Fanny Tavastila’s work draws upon a nuanced spectrum of emotions. She builds her paintings slowly, layer upon layer: they are an intuitive and multifaceted examination of the relationship between the visible and the hidden, the everyday and the elegiac, the figurative and abstract. With an innate and lyrical sense of color, rhythm, texture and composition, her paintings capture the essence of that which is not easily expressed in words. (Continues…)

Visual artist Erno Enkenberg is a master of suspense. In his minimalistic and well-detailed oil paintings the conclusion is left open for the viewer to decide. A carefully planned randomness in the composition of the large scale artworks gives the images a snap shot effect. Photography is a starting point of his work since all the paintings have miniature doubles. Around had the chance to interview Enkenberg at his studio and exclusively investigate these photo-sketches. (Continues…)

The One-Room Flat installation of Galleria Huuto feels like someone’s apartment furnished with everyday necessities. With a closer look the objects prove to be artworks, made out of different materials and media by a group of artists playing with the idea of memories, nostalgia and everyday routines. (Continues…)

Designer Laura Väinölä and contemporary artist Karoliina Hellberg opened their first joint exhibition recently at Finlandinstitutet in Stockholm. In their exhibition, titled Tower of Presence, they create a mystical, nostalgic and fascinating story about a fictional person through whom we can identify our own memories and associations. The artists reveal captions of the character’s life in an installation made of flowers, piles of paper, paintings, pottery, carpet, curtains, light and sound. Even the scent of the flowers is part of the ambiance. (Continues…)

Fashion designer, artist and filmmaker Paola Suhonen made an impressive exhibition, Love on the road, at Kunsthalle Helsinki inspired by her friendship with world-famous pornstar Nina Hartley. This is Paola’s first major exhibition as an artist and also first time Nina Hartley has been presented from artistic point of view. (Continues…)

Artist Chantal Joffe is a master of capturing the personalities of her subjects and everyday moments as they are, sometimes with a sense of humour. “I paint what I know. I know how it feels to be a woman and a mother. I remember what it felt like to be a child,” says the artist. (Continues…)

Visual artist Karoliina Hellberg paints interiors, memories and presences. In her fascinating paintings one can escape reality and feel the sensuality of a moment. Working with people from different disciplines is inspiring and natural for Karoliina. “Painting was not a self-evident decision when choosing my studies. I’ve also created spaces and built decors and sets. I have always been fascinated by ideas and themes that can be realized with various media.” (Continues…)

Finnish artist Tiina Mielonen paints strong and vibrant landscapes. She is inspired by travels, idealistic, strange scenery postcards and retouched tourist brochures. (Continues…)