Pictures by Eeva Suutari | Words Mia Dillemuth | Looks students of Aalto University | Art Director Matts Bjolin | English Editor Julie Uusinarkaus

The 28 entries from Aalto’s talented students were a celebration of individualism and showed a connection to contemporary arts. The various shapes and silhouettes of the looks spoke of the weight of clothes and the ease or complexity of movement. In many cases a certain unfinishedness evolved into deconstruction, evocative of the aesthetic of ruins. The maximal yet elegant feel materialized as a mixture of fine, handmade textiles and fabrics such as brocades and velvet. The overall impression was decadent and full of historical references, from poetic to dramatic. In this show, with its decorativeness and stunning colors, the students created more than wearables, but objects of desire.

Sini-Pilvi Kiilunen
Anna Isoniemi
Anna Isoniemi
Riikka Buri
Fanny Lyytikäinen & Christine Valtonen | Ellen Rajala
Linda Kokkonen | Lucille Pialot
Janette Friis
Ida-Sofia Tuomisto
Maria Korkeila | Rolf Ekroth
Hanna-Maaria Sinkkonen
Anna Semi, Eetu Kemppainen & Jarno Kettunen
Sini Saavala | Hanna Herva, Ville Pölhö & Miika Seppänen
Tina Verbic
Hanna-Maaria Sinkkonen
Antonina Sedakova | Arita Varzinska
Noora Ainasoja & Amanda Ripatti | Maria Ahti
Elina Äärelä | Sini-Pilvi Kiilunen
Heini-Maria Hynynen
Taija Sairanen | Taneli Ukura
Heini-Maria Hynynen







All the looks by students of Aalto University

Pictures by Eeva Suutari