Words by Tytti Kurula & Antti Rimminen | Main image: Fotografierende

Each month we select ”Color of the Month” – an inspirational shade that reflects the here and now. Alongside the color we present a moodboard of images that back our choice. Pantone’s Blackberry Cordial is our selection for October 2019.

Pantone Color 19-3520 Blackberry Cordial
Pantone 19-3520 Blackberry Cordial

This month we are entering a seductive new world where mystery and a hint of luxury create an attractive underworld. Lunar phases’ influence on tides and astrological prophecies creates a new interest in ceremonies and communication with nature.

Blackberry Cordial moodboard
Nature inspires the idea of mystical powers.

We are living in a new era of superstition. Crystals and energy stones have gained a new momentum, as it is believed they have healing and spiritual properties. While crystals, meditation and reiki have long been practiced in the New Age community, they have now become mainstream. The influence comes from beauty and fitness gurus, fashion designers and celebrities who have openly jumped into the crystal cult.

The more we explore our inner selves, the stronger we take the lead in our quest for feeling balanced. We realize that the experiences that are most beneficial to our overall mental and physical health go beyond the pursuit of material happiness.

Tarot cards and palm reading have found their place in today’s modern-day witch rituals. An example is Bri Luna behind the Hoodwitch concept. This spirit is also seen in the Gucci watch and jewelry ad, in which the iconic Tippi Hedren, known for Hitchcock films, reads a crystal ball as a mysterious fortune-teller.



Dark forest
Photo by Rosie Fraser
Crystals and sage on a wooden surface
Photo by Joanna Kosinska
Purple flowers
Photo by Irina Iriser
Photo by Dan Farrel
Eye with purple eyeshadow
Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon
Woman leaning agaist a curtain with her eyes closed
Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon
Purple flowers on top of an old open book
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Our Color of the Month for September was Pureed Pumpkin and Pearl Blue for August.