Words by Antti Rimminen & Tytti Kurula | Main image: Jonas Denil

Nature continues to influence both the interiors and fashion markets. From plant life to the colour green, bringing the outside in is a consistent message. We are seeing the popularity of houseplants still rising – they are everywhere now, from H&M Home to Instagram-friendly flower shops popping up in cities around the world.

Our color of the month is one of the 315 new FHI (Fashion, Home + Interiors) colors that Pantone launched this week. Abundant Green seems to be right on-trend.

Pantone 18-6026 Abundant Green. Background image taken at the Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium by Jonas Denil.

Micro-growing at home is another trend of the moment. This is both a celebration of nature’s abundance and ecology-in-action as we attempt to address the balance between innovation, technology and nature.

Mini greenhouses by Design House Stockholm.

Fiskars – the brand known for its home and garden tools – recently teamed up with designer Maria Korkeila to launch its first-ever clothing and accessory collection designed for gardening and urban exploring.

Fiskars x Maria Korkeila. Photographer: Chris Vidal Tenomaa.

While we like to think about houseplants as air purifyers also giving us psychologically positive effects, according BBC News it is also important to acknowledge the environmental impact of our plant obesession to the global scale and carefully consider how we can lower the carbon emissions of this massive industry. The strong trend should also force companies to carry their responsibilities towards reducing waste: from disposable plastic pots to long-distance transports to stores and eventually people’s homes.

Photo by Prudence Earl.

Rooted NYC, the plant shop that has gained success via its humorous social media and a fresh online presence, has added an SMS service for green-fingered customers looking for plant care advice. The company is helping the customer recognize plants, pick out the right one for their space or find out why their plant’s leaves are turning brown.

While they are re-connecting people to nature, they are also re-connecting people with people: the real-time service is run manually by an in-house team and not by automated bots, which is what everyone else is doing now. We at Around also love the fact that they have opted for the old school SMS.

Rooted NYC offers plant advice via text messages.

”Color of the Month” is an inspirational shade that reflects the here and now. Alongside the color we present a mood board of images that back our choice. Our Color of the Month for February was Aurora 12-0642.



Palm House, Amsterdam.  Photo by Douglas Sanchez.
Palm House, Amsterdam. Photo by Douglas Sanchez.
 Photo by Drew Graham.
Photo by Drew Graham.
 Photo by Tyler Nix.
Photo by Tyler Nix.