Words by Tytti Kurula & Antti Rimminen | Main image: Christian Sterk on Unsplash

”Color of the Month” is an inspirational shade that reflects the here and now. Alongside the color we present a mood board of images that back our choice.

Counteract the doom and gloom of the world’s current global-political agenda with an uplifting yellow. We have chosen Pantone’s 12-0642 Aurora as our Color of the Month. Welcome to a positive new decade!

Our Color of the Month for February 2020 is uplifting yellow.
Pantone 12-0642 Aurora

Empowering yellow communicates hope and encouragement. Trend experts are calling for more positive scenarios of the future. Optimism and having faith in life and humanity can be contagious. Positive News is a publication dedicated to the good things that are happening. The New York Times publishes “The Week in Good News” section. Finnish Ilta-Sanomat is having their own “Trust in Tomorrow” week with positive news articles, aimed especially at the younger readers who may feel anxiety about the news they read.

So it’s time to liven things up with a bold injection of color. Pair Aurora with pink, apricot, dark green and baby blue for an inspirational palette.

Gardens by the Bay photo by Taylor Simpson.



Photo of a woman leaning against a yellow wall.
Photo by Elsie Zhong
Photo of a yellow structure of a building.
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Photo of two sky scrapers with yellow stripes.
Photo by Simone Hutsch
Photo of a woman holding a yellow umbrella.
Photo by Nathan Anderson
Photo of a yellow wooden wall.
Photo by Enzo Sartori
Photo of a yellow sea horse against dark background.
Photo by David Clode
Photo of a woman with teal hair wearing a yellow shirt.
Photo by Ali Yahua
Photo of a dark structure against yellow background.
Photo by Zack Smith

Our Color of the Month for January was Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue 19-4052.