Words by Tytti Kurula & Antti Rimminen | Main image: Zachary XU

This month we look at the rise of refined neo-nerd culture. Pantone’s Pearl Blue reflects the world of tech start-ups, science, sustainability innovation and a distinct entrepreneurial spirit – all of which inspire a fresh take on modern minimalism.

14-4206 Pearl Blue

This trend approaches streamlined design with a warmer, more laid-back and humane approach. Impeccable materials and thoughtful design considerations have become essential if a company is to succeed in today’s world. Brands reflect this paired down point of view and show how a following is built through ethical practices and a strong belief in quality over quantity.

Panrone Pearl Blue Collage
The mood is sophisticated with a relaxed touch.

We rethink the basics and check our current habits for smarter consumption. Digital nomads inspire designers to create multi-functional and easy-to-move products, like Elena Bompani’s Itaca Furniture.

Oftentimes, the playful spontaneous moments bring out the best in innovative design. HBO’s Silicon Valley reminds us that while a certain amount of seriousness is needed for success, there is always room for humor and playfulness.



Girl sitting on the ground with blue background
Photo by Joanna Nix
Photo of a Blue Adidas Originals Sneaker
Photo by Adidas Originals
Photo by Itaca Furniture
Itaca Furniture – Photo by Elena Bompani

Pantone Pearl Blue Images
Left: Alex Garcia | Right: Border Line
Architecture and interior design of Shanghai Baoye Center | Photo by Lycs Architecture
Architecture and interior design of Shanghai Baoye Center. Photo by Lycs Architecture

Our Color of the Month for June was Warm Sand and Strawberry Cream for June.