Interview by Mia Dillemuth | Pictures and Poems by Susanna Majuri

“When I was a child, my father took me to the water, lakes, ponds and rivers. We were smiling while looking for the treasures.

Sure, we were, so sure, they will be there. Father. Weather. Forest. Leaves on the trees, feather.”

Susanna Majuri, Raven, 2009.

Finnish Fine Art Photographer Susanna Majuri
is known for her magical images. She uses water in her pictures as if it were paint. The result is not fiction but a new kind of reality.

Around had the chance to briefly interview Susanna Majuri since she has recently launched her first artist monograph ’Sense of Water’ which includes images from her early series to the most recent work. The book also contains her poems and texts from authors Monika Fagerholm, Tua Forsström and Vigdís Grímsdottir.

Let’s start from the beginning. Do you remember when you first held a camera or the first picture you took?

I took my first picture of my mom and dad. They were leaning towards each other. The picture was askew. There was a lot of water visible, they were in front of the lake.

Did you have other career dreams when you were younger or has photography always been the obvious choice for you?

I wanted to be a writer. Taking photographs is quite similar to writing. I’m often inspired by writers.

Your pictures are very painterly. How would you describe your self as an artist? What is your style of photography?

I would like to say my style is blue. Poetic.


Susanna Majuri, Save, 2007

Can you tell us a little bit about your process of taking pictures? Underwater images can be very challenging to produce.

I usually have these huge sceneries printed that I submerge into the water and then the characters can actually be a part of the underwater landscape. It is difficult to stay still in the water which makes the process exciting.

Why is water so meaningful to you? What does it represent in your images?

It’s my favorite color. It has always been present in my life, first through my father whose research is concerned with water. Now I’m doing my own research. Water represents all that is imaginary.

Susanna Majuri, Iskaldur, 2007.

What does nature mean to you?

Nature is the scenery where I want my characters to form their stories in. Nature is magical.

Do you think of your self as a colorist? Can you tell us about your relationship with colors? 

Colors are my home, friends, safe place, order. I navigate through them.

Susanna Majuri, Gone, 2007.

“You were calling me back. Calling, calling and calling.

In the sea. In the sky.
I was falling. Falling to the dark.
Where you there father? How are we going to get back?

I’m just a child. Light as feather.”

What inspires you and what gives you comfort?

Books give me comfort and companionship. Words are my main source of inspiration.

Is there an artist that you admire? Whose art work would you like to own?

Annika von Hausswolffs work has been important for me. I would like to own one of Tiina Itkonen’s photographs to be near ice.

Towards which direction do you think your art will evolve in the future?

I just made a new series where people are floating on black background. The scenery I’m used to is gone. I want my work to develop further organically. I let my intuition guide me.

Susanna Majuri, Armo, 2016.

Where does beauty live?

In books, people and colors.

You recently launched your first artist monograph ’Sense of Water ’. It includes several poems written by you and other poets. Do you write a lot?

I do. Writing helps me understand and process things. It actually enables me to photograph.

“Heart knows more than we know, and takes care of us. “

What is your favourite place in the world?

Iceland, definitely.

What are your dreams for the future?

To love and to be loved.

Susanna Majuri, Grow, 2008.


Susanna Majuri’s book Sense of Water published by Kehrer is available at Akateeminen KirjakauppaThe Finnish Museum of Photography, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Lokal, Kuuma, Super MukavaDAIKANYAMA TSUTAY BOOKS, Nide and Ottaipnu.