Around Journal presents a portrait project by photographer Outi Törmälä about women who don’t like the way they look. The aim of the project was to encourage discussion of this phenomenon that touches so many women but is at the same time nearly invisible. In the era of social media, both one’s appearance and photos have become ever more important. It invokes pressure and increasing dissatisfaction. (Continues…)

Aro Mielonen is an activist come art student, a fashion and secondhand shopping enthusiast, job refuser, anarchist and wonderer. Mielonen’s photo series Born into this body is now on display at the Young Artists exhibition in Kunsthalle Helsinki. The main idea behind the artwork is to criticize the trans narrative in mainstream media and the often used phrase “born in the wrong body”. Ultimately what motivates Mielonen’s creative work, is the need and search for freedom. (Continues…)

“Fascinating shapes that are being hidden, new forms surfacing. It’s all in your mind.” Editorial by Christian Jakowleff and Noora Makkonen (Continues…)

Around Journal launches a new segment titled Portfolio, which presents carefully curated selections from emerging visual artists. The portfolio posts will contain occasional snaps from the creative’s archives while focusing on their latest output. The first one out is a dreamy assortment by Helsinki-based photographer and visual artist Evelin Kask. (Continues..)

The interrelations between mankind and nature set the ground for Peter Holliday’s photographic work. In his current exhibition The Mountain of Fire, featuring images from his series Where the Land Rises, he investigates themes of absence and remembrance by studying the volcanic eruption of Eldfell on the island of Heimaey in 1973 in Iceland. (Continues…)

The series Rose by Sofia Okkonen presented in the Project Space of The Finnish Museum of Photography is a study on the performance of the feminine. “In my art I want to study how our ideas about our ideal selves, beauty, trauma, the erotic and fantasies present themselves in front of the camera, on one hand through directed posing and on the other hand through the uncontrolled and subconscious.” (Continues…)

This season is about contrast. Take a moment to dwell on the details of photographer Eeva Suutari’s beautiful black and white images, in an editorial framing the lines of contemporary style.

What is invariable in fashion is to always look forward, to search for the unseen.
But what we sometimes forget is to focus on the now. (Continues…)

Around Journal interviewed Helen Jennings who is one of the founders of London-based global media brand Nataal. The beautifully curated platform celebrates African visual arts, fashion, music and society. In collaboration with Brooklyn creative space Red Hook Labs, Nataal just opened their second co-curated group exhibition. “New African Photography II features nine contemporary artists whose work engages with present-day Africa. The selected artists will be showing personal bodies of work addressing issues of representation and identity and celebrating fresh perspectives on the continent.” (Continues…)

Visual artist Erno Enkenberg is a master of suspense. In his minimalistic and well-detailed oil paintings the conclusion is left open for the viewer to decide. A carefully planned randomness in the composition of the large scale artworks gives the images a snap shot effect. Photography is a starting point of his work since all the paintings have miniature doubles. Around had the chance to interview Enkenberg at his studio and exclusively investigate these photo-sketches. (Continues…)

Liisa Vääriskoski is a Helsinki based visual artist who combines photography, graphic design, video, theatre, sound and dance in her art. She is the director and leading-lady in her collage-like, often fragmented scenarios. Her art is not openly political, but she challenges her audience to question standards, to open their eyes, and to take part. (Continues…)

Video Art by Liisa Vääriskoski