Helsinki-based photographer, Leena Aro, is one of the few who has seen through her lens the changing fashion seasons in Milan, Paris, New York and London for decades. (Continues…)

A Fashion Story by Eeva Suutari and Heidi Marika. (Continues…)

Sofia Järnefelt and Sami Havia are a creative couple with separate careers in fashion design and fine arts. They stand at the forefront of Finnish visual culture. The determined duo sees the future as exploring possibilities within technology to transform something familiar into something new and intriguing. (Continues…)

A fashion story by Eeva Suutari | Styles from Jussi-Pekka Ojala & Taneli Ukura. (Continues…)

While Paris is renowned for its museums and galleries, it has been lacking in the creative, youthful, collaborative art spaces common to cities like Berlin. Now there’s a new type of gallery in the Paris art scene and it’s called The Community. (Continues…)

Samuji is a Finnish creative house established in 2011 with a focus in fashion and lifestyle. The first Samuji Shop in NYC opened in Nolita on the 17th of November in 2016. An example of the visionary brand’s multidisciplinary activity is a conversations series called Samuji Talks. (Continues…)

Editorial by Eeva Suutari and Heidi Marika (Continues…)

Student of fashion design Valter Tornberg, 25, creates fashion that is unwearable art. He got international recognition in W, Novembre Magazine and Dazed after the show Näytös16 of Aalto University. (Continues…)

After almost a decade of fun, bursting images of fashion show backstages and runway looks captured in full detail we are finally entering a new era of ’behind the scenes’ with Eeva Suutari’s photography. She captures people and moments with a very distinctive eye and brings a new deeper and more documentary approach to the subject. (Continues…)

Jenny Jokela is an awarded Finnish-Swedish animator who has worked for the likes of AnOther Magazine, Wonderland and Minna Parikka. Paper is her main medium and somehow she keeps returning to the quite grotesque themes of female bodies being mutilated and transformed. For Around she collaborated with legendary fashion illustrator Rauni Palonen resulting in a hypnotic digital animation. (Continues…)