You think you’re not interested in men’s fashion? Well you’re wrong. You should be. Everybody should be. Actually, unconsciously you already are, because men’s fashion has been mixing with women’s and influencing the scene more and more season after season. The proof? Just count the increasing number of unified men’s and women’s collections and catwalk shows or cross gender or no gender styles. Or simply take a look at Pitti Uomo, the men’s fashion fair and event, held in Florence twice a year. (Continues…)

Aalto University’s annual graduate fashion show has become one of the high points of spring fashion in Northern Europe. Around Journal recollects the previous Näytös 17 -event with a gallery of backstage pictures by Eeva Suutari. (Continues…)

The renaissance moment in menswear inspired Around Journal to interview designer Havina Jäntti for her modern, and more unisex take on fashion. Gender has become a footnote; individualism arises. “I think the growth of gender-fluid fashion is a reflection of the society, since the importance of gender and the roles they bear are not as prominent as they have been in the past. Already some fashion houses have combined their men’s and women’s shows and present them as one collection. I think it’s a very natural thing to do.” (Continues…)

ensæmble is a multidisciplinary collective with Finnish, Russian and Belgian roots, calling Helsinki home. The everyday life of ensæmble is run by Alisa Närvänen and Elina Peltonen. These two have a symbiotic way of working in which it is impossible to say where one’s work ends and the other begins. Their work is now being presented at the fashion after Fashion exhibition at the MAD museum in New York among six designer teams who are rethinking fashion. (Continues…)

“When spring finally arrives I’m in need for brights. This season I’m drawn towards yellow, ocre and orange – especially the warm burning tones.” (Continues…)

Arela is a clothing brand focused on cashmere knitwear and cotton basics. Around met up with Viivi Arela to talk about Arela For Good events, which aim to raise awareness on sustainable fashion. “I believe we will soon stop talking about sustainable fashion – all fashion brands that want to succeed and speak to the contemporary consumer must be sustainable throughout.”

“My current favorites: The raw sunlight of February. Black. Things that make the days easier like simple everyday wear, a uniform.” (Continues…)

An inspirational and detailed fashion story on jewelry design. Style by Noora Makkonen and pictures by Kanerva Mantila. (Continues…)

Over the years there has been a lot of conversation about combining textile design and technology, but we are still waiting for a wearable product to become a true commercial success. Could this be because technology is moving even faster than fashion? (Continues…)

Style portraits from the streets of Florence unveil the dreamlike athmosphere during the biannual Pitti Uomo fashion fair. Cinematic pictures by Eeva Suutari capture the classic shapes and subtle tones of current high-class men’s wear. Individual styles mix, everyone stands out and blends in at the same time. Alone, together. In that thought lies the beauty of fashion. (Continues…)