Finnish artist Tiina Pyykkinen’s (b.1983) art underlines some essential attributes of our lives  – full presence and slow perception. Her strong alkyd and oil paintings and installations serve as stages where the viewer becomes the actor of a play, fulfilling the purpose of the artwork. Space and light have a fundamental role in her work. (Continues…)

There is something universal and touching about Vuorenmaa’s relentless yet gentle way of portraying people in the moment of something crucial, in her ability to capture the ambiguous emotions of a situation that in its extreme contains everything between life and loss, love and despair, surrender and victory. (Continues…)

The Signature exhibition at the interior design fair Habitare brings together design and contemporary art and discovers what happens when well-known designers and architects pick their favorite works from the world of contemporary art. Signature is curated for Habitare by Katja Räisänen and Mia Dillemuth. (Continues…)

Leena Nio’s new painting series, Missing Pieces, grows from the mixture of popular culture, kitsch and art history’s traditions. The Helsinki-based praised artist’s timely works are on view at Galerie Forsblom through February 5th. (Continues…)