A selection of photographs and videos from Elina Brotherus’ series Règle du jeu (Rules of the game) is currently being exhibited at Galleria Heino in Helsinki. The series based on event scores, short scripts that set out the actions of the performance, was first exhibited at the photography gallery of the Pompidou Centre in Paris after Brotherus won the French Carte Blanche PMU prize in 2017. The competition brief was to analyze the world of games and to give it expression through the medium of images. The result is a collection of images that need to be read. (Continues…)

As a closure to Finland’s 100th independence year, visual artist Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois, presents a documented series of her outdoor exhibition Swidden Rotation at Around Journal. The photographs printed on sailcloths survived from spring until late autumn in the national park of the fortress island Vallisaari. Time and place had a significant role in the presentation. This series adds yet another layer to her art: only at the end can the changes in the background, the seasons of nature, be made visible. (Continues…)

This year, WSOY has published classics of Finnish literature with new cover art. The project challenged key Finnish contemporary artists to create new covers from their own points of view. The 12 Classics project culminated in the Classics exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary. (Continues…)

Hand-drawn patterns are the basis of visual artist Martin Bergström’s work. He is an awarded fashion designer using his talent in the fields of interior, set and stage design. Organic materials and abstract forms mix in his work. Bergström regards his collections as a kind of exhibition – the garments themselves being his paintings and the textiles his paint. (Continues…)

Designer Kukka-Maria Kiuru’s concept of Creative Play Workshops can be seen as reaction against the seriousness of trends and popular culture recently. “For me, play is experimentation. In many cases in creative processes only the mind does the work, and decision making is based on the conscious mind. Coincidences don’t have a big role. I’d like to see more “handstorming” beside brainstorming.” (Continues…)

Often nuanced, sometimes perplexing and in wonderful ways beautifully textured, Hans Rosenström’s work is about the dimensions of being present in relation to different aspects of space and time. Examining complex issues such as the human need to control nature, the materialism of sound and the nature of our relationships with each other, the probing and self-challenging artist takes the viewer to the centre of questions such as our own role in shaping the world around us. (Continues…)

Diving into the wondrous world of sculptor Pekka Jylhä casts a new light on telling stories through a three-dimensional form. Both poetic and eye opening, this master of combining material with an immense sense of humanity shares his explorative worldview with us. (Continues…)

ensæmble is a multidisciplinary collective with Finnish, Russian and Belgian roots, calling Helsinki home. The everyday life of ensæmble is run by Alisa Närvänen and Elina Peltonen. These two have a symbiotic way of working in which it is impossible to say where one’s work ends and the other begins. Their work is now being presented at the fashion after Fashion exhibition at the MAD museum in New York among six designer teams who are rethinking fashion. (Continues…)

Well-detailed, high-quality menswear deserves a closer look. A bust portrait, busto, showing only the upper body of the subject is perfect for investigating the fine and layered materials. This art form traditionally represents a person in painted, drawn and engraved portraits. In fashion, the tight crop also emphasises the persona of the model. (Continues…)

“I avoid the obvious. When something occurs, I pay attention to the void surrounding the event.  The void, the unknown and its mystery is always there beneath the surface.  I try to frame the details that reveal its omnipresence. These details are never obvious; they are found where you don’t expect them.” (Continues…)