Words by Mia Dillemuth | Photographs by Eeva Suutari | Art Director Matts Bjolin | English Editor Julie Uusinarkaus

A fashion show is like a performance in art; it can never be replicated in the same manner. There is something magical when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into their places for a brief moment. When ideas collide. The overall transient quality of fashion makes it so fascinating. 

The yearly ‘Näytös’ fashion show gave the audience a glimpse into the current mood of BA and MA students of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Again full of expression and emotion, the deconstructed and artistic whole followed a direction which emphasizes individualism and multiculturalism. During the past decade, Finnish fashion designers and brands have been fairly well recognized internationally and are in some ways becoming a small scale global phenomenon. 

It seems that this is almost a ‘Golden Age’ of Finnish fashion. Technical innovations have preceded these revolutionary periods in history. And such is partly the case this time around. Social media has enabled in many areas of culture for niche to become mass. More importantly, in this time and age, the challenge is to create something long-lasting. Many of these designs captured by photographer Eeva Suutari will certainly stand the test of time, and more.

Eetu Kemppainen
Christine Valtonen
Nimco Hussein & Julia Strandman
Ville Pölhö
Tuuli-Tytti Koivula
Antonina Sedakova
Eerika Yli-Rahko, Erika Hirsimäki & Idaliina Friman.
Ville Pölhö
Noora Ainasoja
Carolina Forss
Fanni Lyytikäinen
Juha Vehmaanperä
Eerika Yli-Rahko, Erika Hirsimäki & Idaliina Friman.
Jarno Kettunen
Mirjami Nyman, Ulla Pihlajaviita & Emma Stapels.
Emma Saarnio
Hanna Herva
Antonina Sedakova
Anni Salonen
Ervin Latimer
Eetu Kemppinen
Jarno Kettunen
Carolina Forss | Hanna Herva


Näytös 18 was held in Helsinki on the 25th of May 2018 during the Fashion in Helsinki event week.