Picture by Eeva Suutari | Words by Mia Dillemuth Copy Editor Matthew Jones

Valentina is trying on a denim jacket that belonged to Asko Keränen, the celebrated guitarist of the legendary band 22 Pistepirkko. It is a classic LEE Rider jacket, authentically faded and worn in.  Brand new it was dark blue and tough like iron. Time has treated it well. Valentina is currently living in Rome where you can find small shops in every other corner. She likes going to vintage stores and considers herself to be a semi-conscious consumer. Her style is usually simple and elegant – not  overly colourful. It is important for Valentina to feel comfortable in what she’s wearing. She never wears anything randomly. She hopes that something totally new will come to the world of fashion soon. Valentina’s view is that fashion evolved only until the end of the 90’s but since then it is mostly revisiting old styles which is a bit boring.