Words by Antti Rimminen | Pictures by Caroline Trentini

Jeans for Refugees is an artistic fundraising project for which fashion designer and artist Johny Dar is painting 100 pairs of worn jeans donated by 100 different celebrities that include Kate Moss, Peaches, Ryan Gosling, Anna Wintour and Pedro Almodovar.

Each individual has donated a pair of their jeans which has been hand painted and given various artistic treatments by Dar. They are currently being auctioned online at Catawiki. With all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the project will help fund the IRC’s initiatives which help millions of refugees worldwide on a daily basis.

“The refugee crisis has had an impact on everyone – it moves us all, it concerns us all. The concept behind this project is to spread a message through art, to create positive change and empower people to collaborate for a common goal, painting a new paradigm and inspiring a brighter world,” says Johny Dar.

Before the auction closes, all one hundred pairs of ‘Jeans For Refugees’ will be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London from 24th-30th October 2016.

Caroline Trentini
Caroline Trentini