Photographer Valtteri Nevalainen | Fashion designers Helmi Hagelin & Linda Oksanen | Models Kaisa Hietapakka/Modelboom & Tom Chydenius/Paparazzi | Make up & hair Jasmiina Walters

The typical gender rules that the society has set for us cause insecurity. However, life isn’t worth pretending to be someone else. Therefore people must show their real selves without shame in spite of other people’s prejudice or judgement. Identity Crisis is an outcome of a collaboration between several study lines, including photography and clothing design at the Institute of Design. As part of the project the students have designed and technically implemented the zero waste plan in two of the ensembles photographed in the editorial.

Photographer Valtteri Nevalainen @valtterinevalainen

Fashion designers Linda Oksanen @karoliinalinda & Helmi Hagelin @helmialetta

Muah Jasmiina Walters @jasmiinamua

Models Kaisa Hietapakka @kaisaeliisa / & Tom Chydenius @tomchydenius / @paparazzimodelmanagement

Lahti Institute of Design