Words by Tytti Kurula & Antti Rimminen | Main image: Jenna Anderson.

Around launches ”Color of the Month” – a monthly selection of an inspirational shade that reflects the here and now. Alongside the color we present a moodboard of images that back our choice. The color will also be featured in the design of our site each month.

Around Color of the Month: 13-0210 Fog Green by PANTONE / Urban View
13-0210 Fog Green is our selection as the Around Color of the Month for May 2019.

We start May 2019 with 13-0210 Fog Green from the Pantone FHI color range. This dusty green is a natural antidote to the switched-on, digital world we inhabit. The exquisitely oxygen-giving tone is calm yet at the same time bursting with life: it is both regenerative and comforting.

Inspired by conscious living and environmentalism, humans are once again learning to love forests. We have a need to reconnect with nature, to be part of it physically, to feel its breath.

Greens can generate beneficial effects on our well-being: they radiate harmony and optimism. Imagine the small delights of nature: the purity of the first soothing greens breaking through from the woody browns bringing an uplifting surge of new life: Time to get ready for summer!



Interior of Restaurante Rosetta, Mexico City. Photo by Armando Castillejos.
Villa Cavrois, Croix, France. Photo by Mathias Adam.
Umbrella Tree (Magnolia) from The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands by Mark Catesby (1683-1749).
LIFE OFFLINE: Are We Running Today? – Campaign by Wieden + Kennedy for Nike.
Get Naked! Photo by Georgia De Lotz.
Get Naked! Photo by Georgia De Lotz.