Signals trend exhibition uncovered the future of our homes by showcasing visual trend stories. Around had a chat with the curator Susanna Björklund about the process of creating the exhibition and the challenges the design business is facing as the demand for sustainable products is increasing ever more. We also take a look at the four trend themes of the exhibition. (Continues…)

Often nuanced, sometimes perplexing and in wonderful ways beautifully textured, Hans Rosenström’s work is about the dimensions of being present in relation to different aspects of space and time. Examining complex issues such as the human need to control nature, the materialism of sound and the nature of our relationships with each other, the probing and self-challenging artist takes the viewer to the centre of questions such as our own role in shaping the world around us. (Continues…)

The Venice Biennale is the grandest art exhibition in the world, and even though it has had its ups and downs, its importance hasn’t been shaken. In the era of post-globalization, the role of the art is again highlighted. The Finnish pavilion and others raise important and serious questions about the challenges of modern times – and uses humor to address them. (Continues…)

You think you’re not interested in men’s fashion? Well you’re wrong. You should be. Everybody should be. Actually, unconsciously you already are, because men’s fashion has been mixing with women’s and influencing the scene more and more season after season. The proof? Just count the increasing number of unified men’s and women’s collections and catwalk shows or cross gender or no gender styles. Or simply take a look at Pitti Uomo, the men’s fashion fair and event, held in Florence twice a year. (Continues…)

Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen’s current exhibition The House of Play and Rain at Lokal Helsinki is the first in a series of three exhibitions, as part of her doctoral studies at Aalto University. Her subjects are mostly flora or fauna, but the techniques vary. There is a lot of research behind Korolainen’s work. Designing textiles is time consuming. “Sketching is the heart of everything; it is the decisive moment of the process. I try to work as much as possible with my hands, and as little as possible with the computer.” (Continues…)

Designer Laura Väinölä and contemporary artist Karoliina Hellberg opened their first joint exhibition recently at Finlandinstitutet in Stockholm. In their exhibition, titled Tower of Presence, they create a mystical, nostalgic and fascinating story about a fictional person through whom we can identify our own memories and associations. The artists reveal captions of the character’s life in an installation made of flowers, piles of paper, paintings, pottery, carpet, curtains, light and sound. Even the scent of the flowers is part of the ambiance. (Continues…)

The art and photography collective Kosminen, meaning cosmic, consists of four photographer friends Anna Niskanen, Helen Korpak, Liina Aalto-Setälä and Lotta Blomberg. For the most part Kosminen is a workspace for the collective, but three days a week it is also a gallery, bookshop and library. (Continues…)

Jukka Rusanen’s new Setting exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary is about movement in many ways. In addition to the whim of brush strokes so typical to his paintings, movement now takes place atop some of his texture paved art works. A sudden breath of air shivers the luxurious silk draping making the impression more vivid. (Continues…)

Jukka Rusanen: Setting

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. It has been selected as Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2017. (Continues…)

While Paris is renowned for its museums and galleries, it has been lacking in the creative, youthful, collaborative art spaces common to cities like Berlin. Now there’s a new type of gallery in the Paris art scene and it’s called The Community. (Continues…)