Samuji is a Finnish creative house established in 2011 with a focus in fashion and lifestyle. The first Samuji Shop in NYC opened in Nolita on the 17th of November in 2016. An example of the visionary brand’s multidisciplinary activity is a conversations series called Samuji Talks. (Continues…)

Artist Chantal Joffe is a master of capturing the personalities of her subjects and everyday moments as they are, sometimes with a sense of humour. “I paint what I know. I know how it feels to be a woman and a mother. I remember what it felt like to be a child,” says the artist. (Continues…)

Visual artist Karoliina Hellberg paints interiors, memories and presences. In her fascinating paintings one can escape reality and feel the sensuality of a moment. Working with people from different disciplines is inspiring and natural for Karoliina. “Painting was not a self-evident decision when choosing my studies. I’ve also created spaces and built decors and sets. I have always been fascinated by ideas and themes that can be realized with various media.” (Continues…)

Riveter is a trend story for AW 2017-18 by Fashion Snoops – named after Rosie the Riveter, the cultural icon and labor market feminist featured on post WWII propaganda to empower women factory workers. The message of gender equality certainly resonates with women empowerment now. (Continues…)

Dogs have become our family members and furry babies. They represent simultaneously fragments of wild nature inside our homes and similar creatures, kind of special humans. They are like us, but still others. Maija Astikainen has been photographing One-Dog Policy, a series of dog portraits, since 2010 in Finland, UK and Spain. (Continues…)

New York based artist Daniel Arsham is one of the main influencers on a rebellious trend story forecasted for AW 2017-18 by FashionSnoops. His contemporary objects cast in volcanic ash as if they were found on some future archeological site are a real inspiration for many commercial product concepts to come, from cosmetics to packaging. (Continues…)

For Autumn/Winter 2016 Weekday will collaborate with Nordic insurance company If, to create an exclusive collection of reflective accessories. Safety can be both functional and stylish. (Continues…)

Legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude is the man behind the Kenzo x H&M campaign, starring seven of the most influential icons of our time including Chance the Rapper, Iman and Suboi. Launching worldwide in selected stores and online on November 3, the collection will feature clothes and accessories for both men and women. (Continues…)

Kenzo x H&M

Jeans for Refugees is an artistic fundraising project for which fashion designer and artist Johny Dar is painting 100 pairs of worn jeans donated by 100 different celebrities that include Kate Moss, Peaches, Ryan Gosling, Anna Wintour and Pedro Almodovar. (Continues…)