The One-Room Flat installation of Galleria Huuto feels like someone’s apartment furnished with everyday necessities. With a closer look the objects prove to be artworks, made out of different materials and media by a group of artists playing with the idea of memories, nostalgia and everyday routines. (Continues…)

“When spring finally arrives I’m in need for brights. This season I’m drawn towards yellow, ocre and orange – especially the warm burning tones.” (Continues…)

Arela is a clothing brand focused on cashmere knitwear and cotton basics. Around met up with Viivi Arela to talk about Arela For Good events, which aim to raise awareness on sustainable fashion. “I believe we will soon stop talking about sustainable fashion – all fashion brands that want to succeed and speak to the contemporary consumer must be sustainable throughout.”

Elina Ruohonen’s current exhibition, Vallanjako, is a vision of a future with renewed power structures on this planet. The human race is no longer in charge; instead the plants and animals rule. Ruohonen’s works are about everything organic. The exhibition is a plea for the living nature – a study of human and plant hybrids. Her focus has been on the versatile shapes of nature, and the possible mutations between different species. (Continues…)

Psychedelia is a visual direction that is currently inspiring a growing number of designers. As new technologies allow us to explore ideas further, it is not a repetition of the 1960s but rather something completely new. (Continues…)

“My current favorites: The raw sunlight of February. Black. Things that make the days easier like simple everyday wear, a uniform.” (Continues…)

Jenni Hiltunen’s work has a dynamic, beautiful and arresting allure that demands your attention. You want to know what is behind that piercing gaze and imposing pose of the often androgynous, humane, striking and exquisitely dressed women she portrays. “With my new work I pursued for an authenticity in the expression – in the process of painting itself.” (Continues…)

Over the years there has been a lot of conversation about combining textile design and technology, but we are still waiting for a wearable product to become a true commercial success. Could this be because technology is moving even faster than fashion? (Continues…)

Style portraits from the streets of Florence unveil the dreamlike athmosphere during the biannual Pitti Uomo fashion fair. Cinematic pictures by Eeva Suutari capture the classic shapes and subtle tones of current high-class men’s wear. Individual styles mix, everyone stands out and blends in at the same time. Alone, together. In that thought lies the beauty of fashion. (Continues…)

Fashion designer, artist and filmmaker Paola Suhonen made an impressive exhibition, Love on the road, at Kunsthalle Helsinki inspired by her friendship with world-famous pornstar Nina Hartley. This is Paola’s first major exhibition as an artist and also first time Nina Hartley has been presented from artistic point of view. (Continues…)