Psychedelia is a visual direction that is currently inspiring a growing number of designers. As new technologies allow us to explore ideas further, it is not a repetition of the 1960s but rather something completely new. (Continues…)

“My current favorites: The raw sunlight of February. Black. Things that make the days easier like simple everyday wear, a uniform.” (Continues…)

An inspirational and detailed fashion story on jewelry design. Style by Noora Makkonen and pictures by Kanerva Mantila. (Continues…)

The importance of craft is key within slow fashion bag brand NO/AN. Founder and designer Anna Lehmusniemi wants to be transparent about her work and bring the customers closer to the manufacturing process. “But it is not the only reason that I wanted the artisans to sign the bags they hand produced. It is also a way for me to show appreciation for the talented people making the bags.” (Continues…)

Over the years there has been a lot of conversation about combining textile design and technology, but we are still waiting for a wearable product to become a true commercial success. Could this be because technology is moving even faster than fashion? (Continues…)

Style portraits from the streets of Florence unveil the dreamlike athmosphere during the biannual Pitti Uomo fashion fair. Cinematic pictures by Eeva Suutari capture the classic shapes and subtle tones of current high-class men’s wear. Individual styles mix, everyone stands out and blends in at the same time. Alone, together. In that thought lies the beauty of fashion. (Continues…)

Jukka Rusanen’s new Setting exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary is about movement in many ways. In addition to the whim of brush strokes so typical to his paintings, movement now takes place atop some of his texture paved art works. A sudden breath of air shivers the luxurious silk draping making the impression more vivid. (Continues…)

Jukka Rusanen: Setting

Leena Nio’s new painting series, Missing Pieces, grows from the mixture of popular culture, kitsch and art history’s traditions. The Helsinki-based praised artist’s timely works are on view at Galerie Forsblom through February 5th. (Continues…)

Juslin Maunula brand is not only wearable products but also a full 3-dimensional experience, that includes the products and the space created around them. “We want our collection, as well as the accessories and installations, to have an element of surprise. Our latest collection started from the idea of bubble wrap. We used it in our installation and in the collection. Our manufacturer weaved us a fabric that looks like bubble wrap.” (Continues…)

A Fashion Story by Eeva Suutari and Heidi Marika. (Continues…)