Photographer Idha Lindhag | Set Design Joanna Laven | Art Direction Antti Rimminen & Mia Dillemuth | Words Mia Dillemuth

Around Journal teamed up with Urban View to create the theme for Finland’s largest interior, design and furniture fair Habitare 2018. ROOTS celebrates authenticity and highlights the personality of things. Creativity triumphs over obeying the rules. 

In a globalising world, we have a growing appreciation for our own roots and an interest in the origins of things and in other cultures. Multiculturalism is about communicating between different cultures, but also about understanding in a larger perspective that roots extend beyond national boundaries.

Instead of stereotypes, people seek more diverse ways of portraying themselves. Identity is no longer a permanent, unchanging concept, but a person or a company can incorporate several different facets.

Establishing values and acting in accordance with these values is emphasised in today’s unpredictable world. We are increasingly aware of the ethical implications of our purchasing decisions, and we value authenticity and transparency. Companies seek to differentiate themselves from the competition through personal and human branding and values.

“In design, authenticity and truthfulness mean that things can also be rough, unfinished, odd, and random. Creativity triumphs over obeying the rules, and this is something that we encourage each Habitare participant to embrace”, say the designers of the theme, the trend expert Antti Rimminen from Urban View, and the culture and fashion editor Mia Dillemuth.


For Rimminen and Dillemuth the project included concept design, producing of key images for the theme and planning color guidance with Pantone references to support the idea. The Habitare exhibition design, conceived around the theme, will be by Mattila & Merz. The theme manifests itself in the exhibitor stands and the programme at Habitare, to be held in September 2018.

The key images for Habitare 2018 were produced with photographer Idha Lindhag and interior stylist Joanna Laven.

HABITARE 2018 will be held in Helsinki from 12 to 16 September 2018.