“Morning stretches half-dressed is one of my favorite things about summer.” (Continues…)

”The idea behind the collection was clothing that the wearer becomes aware of and to play with proportions by scaling patterns up and down on already existing garments.” One of fashion designer Ella Boucht’s BA collection’s standout pieces is a huge, peach-coloured, marshmallowey jacket, which claims space for itself with its big, puffy silhouette. The jacket seen on pop-singer Rihanna was a much talked about topic at last autumn’s Paris Fashion Week. Around Journal went to Stockholm to meet the designer behind the candylike look. (Continues…)

A fashion story embracing the most sensual season of the year. Pictures by Kaapo Kamu and style by Noora Makkonen. (Continues…)

Mystery is fictious character with a Nordic heritage who mixes historical fashion pieces into new looks. Around Journal interviewed the creative duo behind the book project. Fashion illustrator Minna Ainoa and fashion editor Milla Muurimäki were both intrigued by the possibility to show fashion history in a new way which could interest even those who are not into fashion. (Continues…)

The Venice Biennale is the grandest art exhibition in the world, and even though it has had its ups and downs, its importance hasn’t been shaken. In the era of post-globalization, the role of the art is again highlighted. The Finnish pavilion and others raise important and serious questions about the challenges of modern times – and uses humor to address them. (Continues…)

You think you’re not interested in men’s fashion? Well you’re wrong. You should be. Everybody should be. Actually, unconsciously you already are, because men’s fashion has been mixing with women’s and influencing the scene more and more season after season. The proof? Just count the increasing number of unified men’s and women’s collections and catwalk shows or cross gender or no gender styles. Or simply take a look at Pitti Uomo, the men’s fashion fair and event, held in Florence twice a year. (Continues…)

Diving into the wondrous world of sculptor Pekka Jylhä casts a new light on telling stories through a three-dimensional form. Both poetic and eye opening, this master of combining material with an immense sense of humanity shares his explorative worldview with us. (Continues…)

Aalto University’s annual graduate fashion show has become one of the high points of spring fashion in Northern Europe. Around Journal recollects the previous Näytös 17 -event with a gallery of backstage pictures by Eeva Suutari. (Continues…)

Fanny Tavastila’s work draws upon a nuanced spectrum of emotions. She builds her paintings slowly, layer upon layer: they are an intuitive and multifaceted examination of the relationship between the visible and the hidden, the everyday and the elegiac, the figurative and abstract. With an innate and lyrical sense of color, rhythm, texture and composition, her paintings capture the essence of that which is not easily expressed in words. (Continues…)